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Dojo Search

The Dojo Search engine is a custom search using the Yahoo BOSS API. The query is modified to return results that are specific to the Dojo Toolkit. The Dojo community is large, and there is much information about Dojo in many places. The intent of this project is to make all those resources manageable in one central location.

Number of Results

The look of the search results can be modified using the options in the left panel. The number of results returned can be changed in Number of Results.

Result Display

Elements of the result items can be filtered with the Result Display, giving the ability to hide or show parts that may or may not help with your search.

Search Scope

The search is also highly customizable using the options. Under Search Scope the resources that are searched can be changed to The Entire Web, Dojo Resources, or Dojo Specific Resources. Checking Dojo Specific Resources and viewing the defaults will show the websites that are searched as checked, and the websites that are "filtered" as unchecked. Some websites return results that are presumed not relevant, like Other may be, like, which is why you have the flexibility to search within specific resources.

Search Filters

Search Filters currently has one option, whether or not to return JavaScript files. JavaScript files are also presumed to be not relevant, which is why they are excluded by default. However, it's important to note that this filter is not exact, and occasionally excludes relevant results that are not JavaScript files.

About This Project

The Dojo Search was developed by Mike Wilcox and SitePen Inc., with the goal of showing how much information there is out there about Dojo, and suppling a way to aggregate that information in one place. Most of the time if you have a Dojo question, the question has already been asked and answered!

Another goal of this project was to demonstrate the ability to make a simple application using Dojo, with nothing more than the compressed, 26k version of Dojo Base. No Dijits were used, and a build was not necessary. The actual project JavaScript is uncompressed, and viewable, as well as the CSS that uses the single-line class style.

We're sure there are many more websites out there devoted to Dojo that are not shown in the Resources. If you know of a website that should be added, or if you would like to make constructive comments about this project, please email .